Open: Executive Assistant Position

Looking for Part Time Executive Assistant with 2 - 4 years of experience supporting an executive in an established start-up environment. This position will require someone who has the ability to adapt to a changing environment and re-prioritize with little notice. The ideal candidate would be polished and also have a sense of humor.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Completes a broad variety of administrative tasks for CEO including: managing an extremely active calendar of appointments; composing and preparing correspondence that is sometimes confidential; arranging complex and detailed travel plans, itineraries, and agendas; and compiling documents for travel-related meetings.

  • Plans, coordinates and ensures the CEO's schedule.

  • Communicates directly, and on behalf of the CEO, with Board members, clients, staff, and others, on matters related to CEO's programmatic initiatives.

  • Researches, prioritizes, and follows up on incoming issues and concerns addressed to the CEO, including those of a sensitive or confidential nature. Determines appropriate course of action, referral, or response.

  • Provides a bridge for smooth communication between the CEO's office and client departments.

  • Works closely and effectively with the CEO to keep her well informed of upcoming commitments and responsibilities, following up appropriately. Acts as a "barometer," having a sense for the issues taking place in the environment and keeping the CEO updated.

  • Successfully completes critical aspects of deliverables with a hands-on approach, including drafting acknowledgement letters, personal correspondence, and other tasks that facilitate the CEO's ability to effectively lead the company.

  • Prioritizes conflicting needs; handles matters expeditiously, proactively, and follows-through on projects to successful completion, often with deadline pressures.

  • And other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Proven experience as an executive administrative assistant, senior executive assistant or secretarial position

  • Intermediate to Advanced knowledge in Google Office platforms, Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint

  • Strong multi-task and follow up skills

  • Excellent time management and planning skills

  • Ability to oversee several different projects at once

  • Positive outlook, upbeat, sense of humor and have a gossip/drama/negativity free attitude

  • Excellent written and verbal skills; proficient in grammar and punctuation

  • Discretion and confidentiality

  • Attention to detail is a must

  • Ability to lift a 40 lb box

  • Excellent typing skills

  • High School Diploma or GED (higher education is a plus, but not required)

This position is perfect for someone who is:

  • Used to being in the “backbone” role in your life in relationship to others. You are outstanding at helping others make their mission possible.

  • Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment

  • A self-motivated hard worker

  • Has a lot of experience as a personal assistant and office manager

  • Extremely detail oriented (maybe even a little OCD)

  • Excellent at project management and can successfully complete multiple projects occurring at the same time.

  • Technologically super competent and resourceful

  • Loves to get into the details to execute the vision behind the scenes

  • Into personal and professional growth and development

  • Fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, super-fast, turbo charged multi tasker, you work on two things at once not because you have to, but because you do not know how to work any other way

  • Uber Organized and hate a mess

  • You live in the grey......Out of the Box thinking is your middle name, everything is “figure-out-able”

  • You take care of the phone company overcharging me by accident, without being rude or making them cringe when my name pops up next time.

  • You have the memory of an Elephant

  • You are the type of person that gets your work done WAY before schedule just because you can

  • NO CLOCK WATCHERS  5 minutes early and 5 minutes late is typical for you (I HATE CLOCK WATCHERS!!!!!!!!!)

  • You can deal with a real pain in the ass for a boss, who is always busy, bad at communicating, and does not give much direction

  • You are not afraid to give me SH*T for being bad at communicating and for not giving direction so that you can get your work done

  • You know a little about a lot 

  • You are known as "Cool Under Pressure" by your friends

  • You are a fast worker who makes minimal mistakes and self-edit your work before you turn it in.

  • You are an amazing scheduler with a sickening degree of attention to detail 

  • You are an animal at project management, an awesome juggler of tasks and can reprioritize in an instant when things change

  • You are willing to travel 1-4 times/weeks per year for client events, conferences, board retreats, etc.

  • You are a true diplomat and get a point across and convince someone to consider another view without offending

  • You like to work your ass off, but have a sense of humor and are relaxed.  We work hard, then play hard.

  • You don’t care that I have a slight potty mouth, even though you’ll never hear it in front of a client

  • Like dogs, big dogs as I like to bring my dog to the office

This is a part time position of 20 hours per week (not including travel weeks) Flexibility to work a part time schedule within the hours of Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm depending on conference call schedules. This position is contract for 2019, with potential contract to hire in 2020.

How to Apply: Send me a resume and cover letter in pdf format via email at with the email title Rockstar Assistant Resume by 9 am MST December 1, 2018. In your cover letter tell me four things:

1. Why are you such a rockstar
2. Describe the last 2 bosses you had and why you loved and hated working for them 
3. Tell me your ideal situation 
4. Tell me about the first job you ever had, what you did, how long you had the job.

*All decisions affecting opportunities at Associations By Design, Inc. are made on the basis of qualification, performance and other pertinent work-related factors, and without discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran's status or any other legally protected status.

Salary is $12-$16 per hour depending on experience and qualifications.